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One Cup at a Time

In 2023, we began our commitment to embracing sustainability in the event industry. As a first step, we updated our beverage packages. No more plastic. Instead of water bottles, we offer aluminum cans. We even increased our options and offered re-vamped hydration stations with infused waters in glass dispensers rather than an aluminum can that could only be used once.

As we moved into 2024, we knew this would not be enough. What is our carbon footprint now? How can we do more? We knew we were moving in the right direction with these questions. It is one thing to reduce plastic waste, but how can we push the envelope? The answer was always right in front of us. No more single-use plastic in our venue. It was our turn now to explain this to our clients and to our team. We needed to express the importance of

the positive changes that could improve our future.

Through our membership with MUSE, Members United for Sustainable Events, we have been lucky to have these important conversations regularly with event professionals around the country. We are inspiring each other to think bigger!

We were introduced to Cup Zero about a year and a half ago and could not talk more highly of them. Their mission was simple: A company focused on providing reusable products to eliminate single-use waste. According to Cup Zero, 58 billion disposable paper cups are thrown away each year in the US. That is about 110,000 every minute. They have a full-service reusables program including multiple cup sizes, plates, utensils, etc. They handle all logistics between drop off, pick up and cleaning.

On top of that, they offer branding on their products. Whether you are at a product launch event, conference, fundraiser, tastings, etc. your logo can be on every cup for all of your future events. Cup Zero will clean and store for your next event.

This Earth Day we are happy to announce our partnership with Cup Zero. Together we hope to reduce single-use plastic waste “one cup at a time”. To get you into the green movement, Cup Zero is offering $250 off ANY reusable cup zero rentals in 2024. This is our year to make changes and we want to encourage our clients to do the same!

One cup at a time, we can make a difference!

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